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UK Hosting Initiative

Accelerate your hosting company with Katapult, free for a year.

Are you a UK-based web host?

Are you the budget holder or responsible manager of a growing website hosting business? Have you decided you'd like to escape frequent and costly hardware refresh cycles and drive down the cost of bringing new infrastructure online? If you have, then we can help.

Transitioning your workload to the cloud not only removes the need for you to even think about hardware, it'll also save you money. Katapult Compute servers are offered with pay-as-you-go pricing that's not only transparent, but offers monthly caps with no big surprises.

What's included

Each virtual machine includes:

  • 1TB of outbound transfer per month, per machine

  • Robust DDoS Protection

  • Distributed storage architecture

  • Firewalling

  • High Availability

  • Two disk snapshots per disk

We're so confident you'll prefer virtualized infrastructure that we'll cover the costs for your first 12 months.

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Katapult user interface of launching a virtual machine

The following UK hosting companies are
already using Katapult

Krystal Hosting Ltd


Automate Server

Coming soon

Katapult Provisioning Module

Expand your service offering by deploying customer machines to Katapult. Our WHMCS module automates the sale, deployment and management of new machines and provides your clients with self-service options in the client area.

The Offer

We're offering UK-based hosting companies the full Katapult service/experience inclusive of all standard features for FREE!

  • Compute and memory

    We'll provide all of the compute power needed and up to 1TB (1024GB) of memory to replace your existing infrastructure.

    Free of charge for 1 year.

  • A bespoke deployment

    You can deploy any combination of servers from ROCK-3 to ROCK-96 inclusive. Each server includes its own IPv4 address.

  • You'll only pay for:

    Disk storage - £0.15/GB/month

    Additional outbound transfer - £0.09/GB

    Offsite backups - £0.05/GB/month

    Licences (such as Litespeed / cPanel etc)

Terms and Conditions

Our hosting initiative is subject to the following terms & conditions:

You are a UK headquartered company, registered at Companies House.

You have been in business for at least 2 years and your primary business is website hosting.

You are able to provide evidence of current usage to verify usage requirements.

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