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Running your own hosting business is both expensive and complex, what with the maintenance involved, the hardware purchases and any upgrades / refreshes etc. This cycle is both never ending and frustratingly frequent. It hinders successful growth and eats away at what could already be seen as narrow profit margins. The question is therefore, why bother doing it?

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The solution to this problem is to no longer run your own hardware and transition your workload to the cloud. You’ll convert costly capex to one single and straightforward opex payment. You’ll wave goodbye to often pricey data center costs (co-location, transfer, etc) and you’ll say hello to a bit more money in the bank at the end of each month. Plus, a hosting business agnostic of hardware is a hosting business built to scale and what’s more, you’ll ultimately have more time to spend expanding your business.

We're so confident you’ll prefer virtualized infrastructure that we’ll cover the costs for your first 12 months.

The following UK hosting companies are already using Katapult.

The Offer

We're offering UK-based hosting companies the full Katapult service/experience inclusive of all standard features for FREE!

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Compute & Memory

Compute & Memory

We’ll provide all of the compute power needed and up to 1TB (1024GB) of memory to replace your existing infrastructure.

Free of charge for 1 year.

A bespoke deployment

A bespoke deployment

You can deploy any combination of servers from ROCK-3 to ROCK-96 inclusive. Each server includes its own IPv4 address.

You’ll only pay for

You’ll only pay for:

  • Disk storage - £0.15/GB/month
  • Additional outbound transfer - £0.09/GB
  • Offsite backups - £0.05/GB/month
  • Licences (such as Litespeed / cPanel etc)


Our hosting initiative is subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • You are a UK headquartered company, registered at Companies House.
  • You have been in business for at least 2 years and your primary business is website hosting.
  • You are able to provide evidence of current usage to verify usage requirements.

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Transparency is key. We’re upfront with our pricing structure meaning you always know how much you’ll pay.

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