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Master-crafted Public Cloud

Best-in-class hardware for reliability and performance.

Leading-edge processor technology

Perfectly suited to a wide range of workloads, AMD's EPYC processors offer the optimum balance between cores per chip and overall frequency with efficient power draw. For rendering, machine learning or AI workloads, these are paired with Nvidia GPUs for powerful and efficient parallel processing with full CUDA support.

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Efficient, reliable & scalable storage

Katapult's scalable storage solutions utilize bleeding-edge flash technology combined with outstanding software to deliver among the highest performing distributed storage offering in the world.

  • Storpool

    Block Storage

    Storpool's distributed block storage architecture incorporates triple-copy redundancy, 100% NVMe flash and seamless scalability.

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  • Vast

    File Storage

    Software-defined NAS drives down latency and removes undesirable bottlenecks thanks to the latest in 3D Xpoint and QLC SSDs.

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Secure & innovative network architecture

Revolutionary and agnostic software from Cumulus combined with enterprise-grade hardware from Mellanox and Juniper delivers a reliable, robust and readily scalable network architecture, perfectly suited to the ever-growing demands of the Katapult platform.

  • Mellanox
  • Cumulus
  • Juniper

Global transit & high-performance
DDoS protection

Katapult employs a diverse blend of transit providers, major networking partners and internet exchange peering to ensure multiple routes into and out of our data centers.

Our hybrid DDoS protection combines local Corero scrubbing appliances with up-stream in-line filtering to offer real-time and fully automated attack mitigation well in excess of 1Tbps.

  • Corero
  • Voxility
  • Linx
  • Link 11
  • GTT

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