Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Virtual infrastructure powered by industry-leading hardware, suited to a wide range of use-cases.

The Katapult Difference


Industry Leading CPUs

Industry Leading CPUs

Capable of the most strenuous workloads thanks to high-frequency AMD EPYC 2 chips. High-memory solutions are also available.

Clustered Storage

Clustered Storage

We utilise a distributed storage architecture with no single points of failure and store three replicas of system disks at no extra cost.

High Availability

High Availability

Engineered for resilience, node failover ensures vital compute resources stay online.


1TB Outbound Transfer

1TB Outbound Transfer

We cover the first 1TB (100GB on ROCK-1) of outbound transfer per virtual machine, per month. That’s 1000 times more than AWS.

Inclusive DDoS Protection

Inclusive DDoS Protection

Mitigating a wide range of attacks our real-time and fully automated DDoS protection is included with every virtual machine.

Free Inbound/Internal Transfer

Free Inbound/Internal Transfer

Transfer to Katapult data centers and internal transfer between storage locations or virtual machines comes at no cost.

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Fast deployment

Katapult deploys fast... really fast!

OS Templates

Deploy in seconds with our ready-to-go OS templates.

  • 18.04
  • 20.04
  • 9.1
  • 10.2
  • 7.7
  • 8.0
  • 32

Katapult supports all major linux distributions.

Custom Deployments

Deployment options suited to a more bespoke use case.

Disk Template
Disk Template

Deploy disk snapshots as new machines.

Upload your own ISO
Custom ISO

Boot from your own ISO file.

Block Data Import
Block Data Import

Import block data from a given URI.

State-of-the-art Hardware

We believe you get what you pay for and so we spend whatever’s needed for the best reliability and performance. We never cut corners and we feel that shows. Why not try us out to see for yourself?

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Best-in-class Hardware

Global Reach

Deploy virtual infrastructure near your customers.

Steps to get started

Everything you need to launch your first Katapult virtual machine


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What’s the difference between your packages?
Rock packages are typically higher in CPU vCores whereas the Boulder packages provide greater memory.
How do I access my virtual machine?
We recommend connecting via an SSH client but we also provide a web-based terminal/console interface accessible from the virtual machine’s pages in the Katapult Console. Find out more.
What is my server password?
Unless you define a root password we’ll randomly generate one for you. You can find the randomly generated password on the virtual machine details page within the Katapult Console. For security purposes the password will only remain accessible for a short period post deployment.
Can we login using SSH Keys?
From the Katapult Console you can upload one or more public SSH keys which can be pushed to your virtual machine at creation. You can also change the available SSH keys at any time. This requires that the Katapult Agent be installed on your machine.
Do you allow the modification of DNS?
You can alter the DNS for a given domain name, and also modify reverse DNS values from within the Katapult Console.
Can I change packages in the future?
You’re able to change packages (both up and down) at any time.
What’s the hardware specification in your machines?
We utilise industry-leading technology from the likes of AMD, Storpool, VAST and much more. You can read all about our hardware choices on our Why Katapult? - Hardware page.
Do you offer managed services?
Katapult virtual machines are sold unmanaged. Our sister company Krystal Hosting offers management on select services and some of them happen to be powered by Katapult infrastructure.
Do you offer a web-based terminal/console interface?
We do. You can access it via the Katapult Console. Find out more.
Do you offer bespoke system specifications?
If you have a particular bespoke system specification that does not match any of the packages offered, please reach out to and we’ll see if we can accommodate your needs.
Is Katapult certified in any way?
Yes! Our infrastructure / data centers have been certified as per the ISO 27001 specification.
Do you support multiple IP addresses per machine?
You can add additional IP addresses to your virtual machine at any time. IPv4 addresses are chargeable but IPv6 addresses are available free of charge.
What storage do virtual machines use?
System disks are stored off-hypervisor in our all NVMe flash storage SAN. We store three copies of your data by default which will result in faster machine recovery in the event of either a hypervisor or single disk failing.
How do you bill for virtual machines?
We’re very transparent with our pricing and typically only charge for resources while a machine is running. We break charges down into monthly and hourly rates. You can find out more on our pricing page.

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