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Global connectivity & high-performance DDoS protection.

Traffic Management

Manage DNS records, deploy virtual networks, configure load balancers and define network-layer firewall rules.

  • DNS Management

    Manage DNS records for your domains and have us host them from our global anycast DNS servers.

  • SDN Private Networks

    Create one or more isolated virtual networks to facilitate intermachine communication.

  • Load Balancers

    Distribute inbound requests across healthy virtual machines in one or more of our zones.

  • Firewall

    Define rules at the networking layer and have them apply to one or more machines automatically.

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Katapult user interface of launching a virtual machine

The Katapult


  • Industry-leading CPUs

    Capable of the most strenuous workloads thanks to high-frequency AMD EPYC chips. High-memory solutions are also available.

  • Clustered Storage

    We utilize a distributed storage architecture with no single points of failure and store three replicas of system disks at no extra cost.

  • High Availability

    Engineered for resilience, node failover ensures vital compute resources stay online.


  • Pooled Outbound Transfer

    Each virtual machine provides an amount of free transfer dependant on its size, this transfer allowance is pooled across all virtual machines in your organization for maximum flexibility.

  • Inclusive DDoS Protection

    Mitigating a wide range of attacks our real-time and fully automated DDoS protection is included with every virtual machine.

  • Free Inbound/Internal Transfer

    Transfer to Katapult data centers and internal transfer between storage locations or virtual machines comes at no cost.

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