Offsite Backups

Redundancy As Standard

Built with redundancy in mind, Katapult’s storage solutions combine data replication and disaggregated hardware to provide enterprise-grade fault tolerance as standard.

Block Storage

Triple-copy cross-cluster data replication affords quick service recovery in the event of hardware failure. Powered by StorPool.

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Object Storage

Entirely software defined, our object storage decouples storage logic from the physical media to provide fully fault-tolerant storage clusters with high-availability.

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Fast deployment

Offsite Backups

Define backup policies which tell Katapult what to backup, when to back it up and how long it should be kept for. You can create numerous backup policies with differing intervals and also of varying targets, i.e. all of your system disks or a single disk. We store all of your backups offsite and only charge you for the data stored.

Snapshot Backups


Effortlessly capture point-in-time snapshots of system-level disks, later mountable as read-only media to aid with data recovery. You can also use snapshots as templates for future virtual machines. We retain up to two snapshots per disk, the first of which is taken automatically once in every 24 hour period.

Note: While effective for quick data recovery, it should be noted that snapshots are stored on the same medium / zone as your system disk and should therefore not replace offsite backups within any disaster recovery plan.

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