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Katapult Products

An overview of products and services we provide.


Deploy high-performance compute instances - in seconds.

  • Virtual Machines

    Powered by high-frequency AMD EPYC CPUs and a fully redundant all-flash storage architecture.

  • CPU Optimized(“Rocks”)

    Virtual machines suited to performance critical, CPU-intensive applications offering up to 96 vCores.

  • Memory Optimized(“Boulders”)

    Virtual machines with up to 960GB of memory. Perfect for real-time data processing and in-memory tasks.

  • GPUs

    Powerful Nvidia GPUs ideal for image generation, machine learning and more. Available on any size virtual machine.


Efficient, reliable ands scalable storage for every use-case.

  • Block Storage

    Incredibly fast and entirely NVMe-based storage with triple-copy redundancy as standard.

  • File Storage

    Network-attached flash storage with the same performance you’d expect from a directly attached drive.

  • Backups

    Bolster your disaster recovery plan with two disk snapshots per disk and optional offsite backup.


Global connectivity & high-performance DDoS protection.

  • DNS Management

    Manage DNS records for your domains and have us host them from our global anycast DNS servers.

  • SDN Private Networks

    Create one or more isolated virtual networks to facilitate intermachine communication.

  • Load Balancers

    Distribute inbound requests across healthy virtual machines in one or more of our zones.

  • Firewall

    Define rules at the networking layer and have them apply to one or more machines automatically.

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