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Katapult user interface of launching a virtual machine

Powerful and frustration-free control panel

Imagine an instantly loading and clean-looking client area that makes the simple tasks simple. Not seen that before? Neither had we, so we built it.

The Katapult user interface
  • Fast and easy-to-use

    Deploy in the blink of an eye with an interface so intuitive you already know how to use it.

  • Easy-to-understand billing

    Pay-as-you-go pricing that's transparent. Monthly caps. No surprises.

  • Beautiful graphs and metrics

    Up-to-the-minute performance data for CPU, Network and Disk activity.

  • Multi-user support

    Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

  • Two-factor authentication

    Enforce 2FA for added peace of mind with Yubikey & OTP (such as Google Authenticator) support.

  • Manage multiple organizations

    Access multiple Katapult organizations from a single set of user credentials.

  • Light and dark modes

    Our developers couldn't decide - so they built both! You get to pick your favourite.

  • DNS zone management

    Point your domains to Katapult and manage your DNS zones within the console.

  • Build and scale

    With capacity to scale with you, Katpault is your go-to infrastructure partner.

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Katapult user interface of launching a virtual machine

Inside Katapult

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do at Katapult. Why not take a look behind the scenes...

    Best-in-class Business Partnerships

    We’ve cherry picked the best-in-class for every aspect of Katapult and then lovingly assembled them into the world’s fastest and simplest cloud infrastructure solution. (Some might say 'best cloud solution').

    • AMD
    • Nvidia
    • Vast
    • Storpool
    • Mellanox
    • Juniper

    Global Reach

    Deploy virtual infrastructure near your customers.

    A map of the world which shows the online locations of Katapult data centers. These are in Edison, NJ, London, UK, Phoenix, Arizona and Amsterdam, NL.

    Start building today with £100 free credit

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